IJM MENA partnership bears fruit

Foto: Logo

IJM MENA, the recently formed partner company of MENA Aerospace, will take over a new managed aircraft at the beginning of November 2015. IJM MENA will handle all aspects of management for the new plane, a VP-registered Lear Jet 60XR, including flight planning, maintenance and accounting.

The company is a joint venture between MENA Aerospace subsidiary MAE Aircraft Management and Austria-based International Jet Management (IJM). IJM MENA is based at the hangar complex of MENA Aerospace at Bahrain International Airport, and holds an Aircraft Operating Certificate issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain’s Civil Aviation Affairs. International Jet Management was founded in 2003 and has over 100 employees at its headquarters in Vienna and offices in central Europe and the Far East with currently 30 aircraft under their management.

The addition of the new Lear Jet strengthens the company’s presence in the Middle East. “This is another step forward in our strategy to become a key player for aircraft management and charter services in the region together with our partner IJM”, said Ralph Eisenschmid of MENA.

IJM MENA offers aircraft management services and promotes, sells and coordinates V-VIP and corporate travel on chartered business jets. The company is setting a new standard in private business aviation, combining the unrivalled regional presence and experience of MENA Aerospace with IJM’s in-depth industry knowledge and expertise.

“We are very happy so see these positive developments in the field of aircraft management after a few months of our partnership with MENA only. For the year 2016 we expect to get additional aircraft under our management in the Middle East. In addition we anticipate a further increase of demand for our charter fleet” said Bernhard Wipfler, Sales Director of IJM.

“I am very happy to see that our joint efforts in the Middle East bear fruits already. IJM MENA is another milestone in the overall strategy of IJM and we are very happy having MENA as our partner in the region” adds Felix Feller, CEO and Owner of IJM. He also confirmed that IJM has plans to expand into the US market in 2016 in a move designed to expand the global presence of the IJM group.

IJM MENA continue to review global companies for future partnerships and strategic alliances and anticipate a positive outcome from discussions with the many attending companies during the Dubai Airshow, further strengthening their position with in region.

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