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Professionals in every area
Our team includes experts in every aspect of owning and flying executive jets.
From the flight and cabin crews through the technical specialists, to financial and accounting – you can rely on absolute professionalism and discretion in every area. This range of competence, coupled with optimal management processes, is the basis of our operational and business performance.


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Getting you there

Tell us where and when you want to go – we’ll take care of the rest. Our flight coordination center in Vienna is always open and the team there has a lot of experience in making travel arrangements worldwide. Transfers to and from airports, visa and security processing, and top-class catering are all part of the service.

On request, we will also make hotel reservations and coordinate other services such as limousines or helicopters. Any other wishes or requirements? Just ask us!

Safe and economical

A large part of our operations is dedicated to keeping your aircraft safe. All aircraft are operated under EASA Regulation, in full compliance with current regulatory guidelines. Our highly qualified engineers regularly take part in training programs to keep up with developments and best practice.

Of course, aircraft maintenance management is critical not only for safety but also for ensuring that the aircraft, as high-value assets, are used efficiently. At IJM we have set up our CAMO and maintenance processes specially to handle a fleet of diverse aircraft with their individual features and histories. Our technical staff ensures each aircraft gets the specialist attention it needs, using in-house and outside resources as appropriate. Scheduling of periodic maintenance, change control and ordering of parts are all managed so as to maximize the availability and utilization of the aircraft.

The results: assured airworthiness and performance, and maximum availability over the whole life cycle of each aircraft.

In good hands

Our cockpit and cabin crews are carefully selected specialists with extensive experience in executive aviation. Our crews are rated on all the leading makes of executive jets and take part in regular training activities. We will be happy to consult with you to ensure that the crew you fly with exactly matches your profile. Besides high operational competence, you can expect absolute discretion. Safe and comfortable flying is assured.

Costs controlled

We ensure best value and fully transparent reporting. Due to the significant size of the fleet, IJM can achieve significantly better cost-effectiveness for insurance, fuel, maintenance and many other services. These factors add up to a clear financial advantage for you. We supply you with full documentation of all the expenses that arise from your flight activities: on a CD included with your monthly statement you can see all the invoices we have paid on your behalf.

When sharing makes sense

You can decide to reserve your aircraft exclusively for your own personal use. However, many of our owners prefer to make their aircraft available for chartering, which generates commercial income and helps to reduce overall costs. We are always happy to manage the chartering of aircraft in a way that does not interfere with the owner’s flying needs. And if you do not own a private jet, but are looking to use one from time to time, we can match you up with a suitable aircraft from our fleet. IJM has ten bases and beyond these, partnerships that ensure excellent support anywhere in the world.

Invest wisely

We offer a full consulting service on functional, engineering and economic aspects of buying and owning executive jets. If you are considering buying a specific aircraft, we can carry out an inspection and give guidance on its value. We can check out applicable import conditions and estimate operating costs. If you so wish, we can handle the entire purchasing transaction including legal, financial and technical arrangements. Absolute discretion included.

For you we always follow a direct path, without deviation, to our top priorities quality and safety. International Jet Management is located in Vienna, Austria at the heart of Europe, combining precision with full customer dedication. More than two thousand high net worth individuals place their trust in our daily business, the management of more than 30 aircraft and the organizing of worldwide private jet

charters. Based on that confidence, we also support and guide our customers wishing to sell their aircraft on the

worldwide market providing them a global reach and know-how few can equal.

Take time to look at these exclusive aircraft being operated and maintained to the world’s highest quality standards and appreciate our trustworthiness, competence and flexibility in structuring an aircraft purchase for you!

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