Challenger 350

Foto: Challenger 350


The new Challenger 350  is the latest addition to the AOC of IJM and to the charter fleet of AC Aviation Charter. The aircraft can carry up to 9 passengers.

The aircraft is owned by an aircraft management client of IJM and is operated commercially. So, beside owner flights, the aircraft is also available for third party charter clients.

“Given the proven reliability and our excellent experience with the Challenger 300 aircraft, International Jet Management is very pleased to be operating the new Challenger 350 business jets in Europe,” said Felix Feller, CEO and founder of International Jet Management.

“We have seen a lot of demand for this particular aircraft type from the very first day of its commercial operation. There are a lot of new features but noticeable for the regular charter passenger are e.g. the enlarged windows or the extended range (approx. 200nm) in comparison to the Challenger 300. Cabin entertainment, wifi etc. is of course “state of the art”. So far, everybody who flew on the aircraft was amazed. In addition we had no technical issues so far which is also very satisfactory, adds Bernhard Wipfler of IJM.

Beside the Challenger 350, the charter fleet was extended with a Challenger 604, two Citation XLS(+), two Lear Jet 40’s and one Lear Jet 45 earlier this year. All aircraft are of course available in the Avinode system. In addition IJM was able to add several aircraft this year which are operated for the aircraft owner’s exclusively.

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