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Aircraft Sales

Professionals in every area
Our team includes experts in every aspect of owning and flying executive jets.
From the flight and cabin crews through the technical specialists, to financial and accounting – you can rely on absolute professionalism and discretion in every area. This range of competence, coupled with optimal management processes, is the basis of our operational and business performance.

For you we always follow a direct path, without deviation, to our top priorities quality and safety. International Jet Management is located in Vienna, Austria at the heart of Europe, combining precision with full customer dedication. More than two thousand high net worth individuals place their trust in our daily business, the management of more than 30 aircraft and the organizing of worldwide private jet

charters. Based on that confidence, we also support and guide our customers wishing to sell their aircraft on the

worldwide market providing them a global reach and know-how few can equal.

Take time to look at these exclusive aircraft being operated and maintained to the world’s highest quality standards and appreciate our trustworthiness, competence and flexibility in structuring an aircraft purchase for you!