IJM Services

Aircraft Charter

Professionals in every area
Our team includes experts in every aspect of owning and flying executive jets.
From the flight and cabin crews through the technical specialists, to financial and accounting – you can rely on absolute professionalism and discretion in every area. This range of competence, coupled with optimal management processes, is the basis of our operational and business performance.

When sharing makes sense

You can decide to reserve your aircraft exclusively for your own personal use. However, many of our owners prefer to make their aircraft available for chartering, which generates commercial income and helps to reduce overall costs. We are always happy to manage the chartering of aircraft in a way that does not interfere with the owner’s flying needs. And if you do not own a private jet, but are looking to use one from time to time, we can match you up with a suitable aircraft from our fleet. IJM has ten bases and beyond these, partnerships that ensure excellent support anywhere in the world.