IJM Services

Technical Management

Professionals in every area
Our team includes experts in every aspect of owning and flying executive jets.
From the flight and cabin crews through the technical specialists, to financial and accounting – you can rely on absolute professionalism and discretion in every area. This range of competence, coupled with optimal management processes, is the basis of our operational and business performance.

Safe and economical

A large part of our operations is dedicated to keeping your aircraft safe. All aircraft are operated under EASA Regulation, in full compliance with current regulatory guidelines. Our highly qualified engineers regularly take part in training programs to keep up with developments and best practice.

Of course, aircraft maintenance management is critical not only for safety but also for ensuring that the aircraft, as high-value assets, are used efficiently. At IJM we have set up our CAMO and maintenance processes specially to handle a fleet of diverse aircraft with their individual features and histories. Our technical staff ensures each aircraft gets the specialist attention it needs, using in-house and outside resources as appropriate. Scheduling of periodic maintenance, change control and ordering of parts are all managed so as to maximize the availability and utilization of the aircraft.

The results: assured airworthiness and performance, and maximum availability over the whole life cycle of each aircraft.